Facts Matter 

Mixed Reviews

The Off-Road Master Plan meeting went better than expected last night. The project team is using a decent methodology to get a list of candidate sites for biking. I learned that we are up against some real wackos. Watch while Catherine Thompson MD gets aggressivetowards a mountain biker and naturalist as she demonstrates how she feels when encountering a cyclist 


25 Miles of Singletrack in Forest Park  by 2020

Urgent !!!

‚ÄčIts a shame that propaganda has become a way to communicate an idea or a position these days. A letter was sent out by the Friends of Forest Park, an anti-mountain biking group, that urges members to write to City Council about their safety concerns over mountain biking. I have done a FOIA to the city to see exactly how much user conflict Forest Park has seen. PLEASE WRITE IF BEHALF OF MOUNTAIN BIKING. We need your help since we are up against the following misleading facts and propaganda.

Read the letter here...