Its a shame that propaganda has become a way to communicate an idea or  a position these days. I have done a FOIA to the city to see exactly how much user conflict Forest Park has seen. PLEASE write on behalf of mountain biking. We need your help since we are up against the following:


You asked what you can do to help.  Well, Forest Park needs your help it remain safe.  Writing an oped or sending your comments to the committee website is very useful.  Your interest and your participation in the petition are invaluable. The petition will go to the City Council, who will ultimately decide whether to change the Management Plan.
You can write to the Off Road Cycling Committee at

We have encouraged others on our distribution list to send letters to City Officials too
Please write:  

Mayor Hales:

Susan Anderson, Director, Bureau of Planning of Planning and Sustainability:
Portland Parks Director Mike
Portland Parks Foundation Director:  Jeff
And please cc: your letter to us at

So if you get the writing bug, send it far and wide.  One of my neighbors wrote a letter saying that as a runner, Forest Park was a big draw for her to come to Portland.

We encourage you to look at a website called  Mountain bikers use this site to race against each other.  We will be including this information in our future discussions with the City.  We looked up Forest Park and people are not posting about the illegal trail use. We know Strava data was used to close a trail in California.  Hopefully we can do the same here.
Thanks again so very much.  I can get back to you if you like after the meeting on Thursday to provide an update.  It is also recorded, although I could not get it to play the most recent recording, just the ones prior to that. 


Catherine Thompson, M.D.

PS, if you are not scared off of Forest Park Trails, I know where to get you a signed copy of Forest Park, One City's Wilderness  by Marcy Houle that describes many loop trails with great descriptions of geology, watersheds, plants and history of Forest Park.